Studio 210:

210 is a 4 room suite, this area measures out at nearly 1100 square feet with 8 foot ceilings.

Walking into Studio 210 you immediately enter our lounge where you will see work from our artist of the month. Our lobby is a great spot for those extra people at the shoot, escorts, make up artists, designers, and such. This area gives these extra people an out of the way place to be a part of the photoshoot, giving the photographer room to work. Our lobby has several amenities such as water cooler, and Keurig Coffee machine with a selection of coffee, hot chocolate, and tea are available. 

Our main shooting are offers 3 rolls of wall mounted rolls of seamless paper, with other colors available. A beautiful pine wood floor was recently installed, along with a 42 inch Smart TV for streaming media or tethering with your camera by mini HDMI cable.

Our dressing area is located just behind our main shooting area to give our models a private place to change and prepare for their shoot. 

Our lifestyle set offers amazing natural light with 2 great windows the light just flows in making it a dream for the artist who enjoys natural light. This room can be created to fill many looks from a home like feel, to a sensual boudior. This room can be set to your needs prior to your arrival giving you the ability to walk in and start shooting.  

Studio Equipment

During your time here you are welcome to use the equipment we have on hand. This list is constantly changing and we will try to keep this list updated.


Radio Triggers to work with our...

7 Alien bees (1 - 1600 / 2 - 800s / 4 - 400s)

with a selection of reflectors, umbrellas, and softboxes ranging from 3x4, 2x6, 24" / 36" / 86" octagon

2 Fluorescent 36" octaboxes soft boxes

3 Fluorescent spot lights

2 Fluorescent ring lights 13" & 19"

Several round reflectors white, silver, and gold